A Guide to the BC Economy and Labour Market
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  Where do you go from here?  

Now you know some of the key facts about BC's economy and its major industries. What can you do with this information?

If you understand how the economy works (see BC's Economy), and how the various industries are interrelated, you'll be better equipped to plan for your future. You can use this information to start your planning.

If you're interested in working in a particular industry, or even in a specific occupation, the information in this guide will help answer some of the questions you may have.

  • Find out how an industry stacks up to the rest of the economy. Is it growing faster or slower than other industries?
  • Check whether there's likely to be a demand for the type of occupation that you're interested in by looking at the sorts of jobs that are available in each industry.
  • Learn how the average earnings in a particular industry compare with those in the rest of the economy.
  • Determine whether jobs in a particular industry are more likely to involve full-time or part-time work.
  • Find out what the industry's unemployment rate has been during the last few years, and how it compares to the average unemployment rate in BC.
  • Check whether self-employment is common or unusual in the industry.

Where do you go from here? If you spend some time researching these sorts of issues before you make decisions about your career, you'll be less likely to be surprised after you're in the labour force, or when you're looking for a job.

We've tried to fill you in on what's happening in BC's economy and labour market, and what's likely to happen in the future. But researching the economy and job market is just one piece of the puzzle you'll have to put together when you're considering the options for your future.

There are many other resources available to you if would like to continue researching career possibilities. A brief description of some of these resources is included under Where can you get more information?

A Guide to the BC Economy and Labour MarketA Guide to the BC Economy and Labour Market